Yoga for Working Women.

Today’s woman has to manage her work, home, family and kids. Her responsibilities have tripled and her stress levels and health problems have increased manifold. Most working women have no time to take care of their health and end up suffering from head, back, shoulder and neck aches, hypertension, gastric problems and stress.

Yoga help today’s super woman battle these ailments in the most natural way possible and that too without side efects. No extra expensive eqiupments is necessary to practise yoga. Simple yogic exercises (asanas) practised for 15-20mts every day go a long way in alleviating the above ailments and help retain energy for the entire day.

A simple Pranayamam is a powerfull breathing technique. We keep breathing all our life but when we do consious yogic breathing, it actually fixes emotional stree, lowers blood pressure and prevents common cold!

Here are some asanas, which can be done on a daily basis, at one’s home and at no extra cost.

Bhujangasana or Cobra Posture for Back pain.

Ardha kati chakrasana and Vajrasana (balasana) for Neck pain.

Trikoasana for Back pain.

Gomukasana (forward bending posture) for shoulder pain.

Pavana Mukthasana (Lying posture) for gastric pain.

Nadi shuddhi and Prayanama to handle stress and cold.

Shavasana for hypertension.