One year full-time residential programme
              IIMB’s EPGP will provide a unique opportunity to nurture students ideas and to mature as a thought leader in the management domain. In addition to classroom discussions, case analysis , assignments, exercises,   simulations  and international immersion, Students will learn peer group of extremely successful professionals, interact with industry leaders and experts through seminars, conclaves and events. Students will engage in leadership roles and find opportunities to make a difference to the community.EPGP education will prepare students for engaged citizenship and leadership.

              The academic year is divided into five terms: two terms devoted to core.Core courses are compulsory for all EPGP students. courses, one term for the International immersion module, and two terms primarily for electives.
A balanced diet
•Business Law
•Competition and Strategy
•Corporate Finance
•Corporate Governance and Ethics
•Cost Management
•Designing Organizations
•Emerging economies
•Entrepreneurial Management
•Financial Reporting and Analysis
•Managerial Economics
•Managing People and Performance in Organizations
•Marketing Management
•Operations Management
•Quantitative Analysis and Modelling

Electice Courses:
Production and Operations Management
• Technology and Operations Strategy
• Supply Chain Management
• Strategic Management of Services
• Project and Portfolio Management
• Business Process Improvement
• Managing E-Business

 Entrepreneurial Learning
•Understanding and Working with Family Businesses  
• Business to Business Market Management
• Pricing Strategy
• Search Engine Marketing for Business Growth
Social Media Marketing
• Retail Management
• Competitive Marketing Strategy
• Brand Management
• International Marketing
• Strategies and Tactics of Going to Business Markets
• Research for Marketing Decisions
• Services Marketing and Management
• Product Management

 Finance and Control
• Strategic Finance
• International Finance
• Management Control Systems
• Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
• Management of Commercial Contracts
• Banking, Financial Markets and Systems
Organizational Behaviour and Human
Resources Management

• Inclusive Business Models                                                                                                        
Economics and Social Sciences
• Decision Analysis and Risk Management
• Current Economic Scenario

Quantitative Methods and Information Systems
• Business Data Mining and Decision Models
• Business Forecasting

Corporate Strategy &Policy
•Multi-business Strategy
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Strategic Leadership
• Managing Alliances
• New Product Development
• Understanding Corporate Failures
• Strategic Thinking & Decision Making
• Country Environment and Multinational Strategy
• Leadership Vision, Meaning & Reality
• Corporate Strategy
• Strategic Thinking and Decision Making
• Strategic Management in Media and EntertainmentIndustry                                                                              
The EPGP is a program designed for achievers who will lead businesses. You need to have a strong academic background, good track record at work and sound analytical skills.
Selection Process:
Admission to the EPGP programme is managed over two rounds, R1 and R2. You can choose to apply in any one of the two rounds.  Application Deadline Round 1 Round 2
August 31,2015 November 30,2015
 Fee Structure
The fees for the class of 2016-17 are based on the type of accommodation opted for:
*Fees cover Tuition, Course Materials,    Computing    and Networking,   Library, Alumni Association,      Student Activities,Career Counselling and    Accommodation.
**International Immersion is mandatory.  The     amount shown  is   an   estimate.The final amount will be charged based on the actual costs.
Fees* 20,07,500 21,12,000
2,50,000 2,50,000
Refundable Caution Deposit 20,000 20,000
Total 22,77,500 23,82,000