Courses in Arts and Science
Accountancy and Financial Management - BA (Hons) 
Accountancy Studies - BA (Hons)
Accounting - BA (Hons)
Accounting and Business - BA (Hons)
Accounting with Finance - BA (Hons)
Acute Clinical Healthcare - BSc (Hons)
American Studies - BA (Hons)
American Studies - BA (Hons)
Animation - BA (Hons)
Applied Economics - BA (Hons)
Applied Languages - BA (Hons)
Applied Physics - BSc (Hons)
Architecture - BA (Hons)
BA/BSc Partnership Degree Programme
Biochemistry - BSc (Hons)
Biology - BSc (Hons)
Biomedical Science - BSc (Hons)
Business Administration - BA (Hons)
Business Economics - BSc (Econ) (Hons)
Business Economics with Business Law - BA (Hons)
Business Enterprise Development - BA (Hons)
Business Enterprise Systems - BA (Hons)
Business Information Systems - BSc (Hons)
Business Information Systems DL - BSc (Hons)
Business Information Technology - BSc (Hons)
Business Studies - BA (Hons)
Business with Business Communication - BA (Hons)
Childhood and Youth Studies - BA (Hons)
Combined Modern Languages - BA (Hons)
Communication and English Studies - BA (Hons)
Computer Aided Product Design - BSc (Hons)
Computer Animation - BSc (Hons)
Computer Games Enterprise - BSc (Hons)
Computer Games Technology - BSc (Hons)
Computer Networks - BSc (Hons)
Computer Science - BSc (Hons)
Computing - BSc (Hons)
Computing and Digital Sound - BSc (Hons)
Computing and Information Systems DL - BSc (Hons)
Computing and the Digital Image - BSc (Hons)
Contemporary Fine Art - BA (Hons)
Counter Fraud and Criminal Justice Studies - BSc (Hons)
Creative and Media Writing - BA (Hons))
Crime and Criminology - BSc (Hons)
Criminology and Criminal Justice - BSc (Hons)
Criminology and Forensic Studies - BSc (Hons)
Criminology with Psychology - BSc (Hons)
Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy - BSc (Hons)
Dental Nursing - CertHE
Digital Media - BSc (Hons)
Drama and Performance - BA (Hons)
Early Childhood Studies - BA (Hons)
Early Years Care and Education - FdA
Economics - BSc (Econ) (Hons)
Economics Finance and Banking - BSc (Econ) (Hons)
Education Administration - FdA
Courses in Arts and Science
Education and Training Studies - BA (Hons)
English and American Studies - BA (Hons)
English and Creative Writing - BA (Hons)
English and Drama - BA (Hons)
English and Film Studies - BA (Hons)
English and History - BA (Hons)
English and Media Studies - BA (Hons)
English Language - BA (Hons)
English Language and Literature - BA (Hons)
English Literature - BA (Hons)
English with Psychology - BA (Hons)
Entertainment Technology - BSc (Hons)
Environmental Geography - BA (Hons)Environmental Geography - BSc (Hons)
Environmental Science - BSc (Hons)
European Business UK to France - BA (Hons)
European Business UK to Germany - BA (Hons)
European Business UK to Spain - BA (Hons)
European Studies and International Relations - BA (Hons)
Fashion and Textile Design with Enterprise - BA (Hons)
Film and Television Studies - BA (Hons)
Film Studies - BA (Hons)
Film Studies and Creative Writing - BA (Hons)
Finance - BSc (Hons)
Finance and Business - BA (Hons)
Finance with Business Communication - BA (Hons)
Forensic Computing - BSc (Hons)
Forensic Psychology - BSc (Hons)
French Studies - BA (Hons)
Geography - BA (Hons)
Geography - BSc (Hons)
Geography with Geographical Information Science - BSc (Hons)
Geological Hazards - BSc (Hons)
Geology - BSc (Hons)
German Studies - BA (Hons)
Government - FdA
Graphic Design - BA (Hons)
Healthcare Science - BSc (Hons)  
History - BA (Hons)
History and Politics - BA (Hons)
HND Business
Hospitality Management - BA (Hons)
Hospitality Management with Tourism - BA (Hons)
Human Geography - BA (Hons)
Human Physiology - BSc (Hons)
Human Resource Management - BA (Hons))
Human Resource Management with Psychology - BA (Hons)I
Illustration - BA (Hons)
Interior Design - BA (Hons)
International Business Communication - BA (Hons)
International Business Studies - BA (Hons)
International Development Studies - BA (Hons)
International Development Studies and Languages - BA (Hons)
International Finance and Trade - BA (Hons)
International Relations - BA (Hons)
International Relations and History - BA (Hons)
International Relations and Languages - BA (Hons)
International Trade and Business Communication - BA (Hons)
International Trade Logistics and Business Communication - BA (Hons)
Investigation and Evidence - FdA  
Journalism - BA (Hons)
Journalism with English Language - BA (Hons)
Journalism with English Literature - BA (Hons)
Journalism with Media Studies - BA (Hons)
Languages and European Studies - BA (Hons)
Courses in Arts and Science
Languages and Law - BA (Hons)
Law - LLB
Law with Business - LLB
Law with Business Communication - BA (Hons)
Law with Criminology - LLB
Law with European Studies - LLB
Law with International Relations - LLB
Leadership and Management - FdA
Leadership Business and Management - BA (Hons)
Learning Support - FdA
Local Government - FdA
Logistics and Business Communication - BA (Hons)
Logistics and Transportation - BSc (Hons)
Marine Biology - BSc (Hons)
Marine Environmental Science - BSc (Hons)
Marketing - BA (Hons)
Marketing with Business Communication - BA (Hons)
Marketing with Psychology - BA (Hons)
Mathematics - BSc (Hons)
Mathematics for Finance Management - BSc (Hons)
Mathematics with Statistics - BSc (Hons)
Media Studies - BA (Hons)
Media Studies and Entertainment Technology - BA (Hons)
Music and Sound Technology - BSc (Hons)
Operating Department Practice RODP - DipHE
Palaeontology - BSc (Hons)
Paramedic Science - FdSc
Pharmacology - BSc (Hons)
Pharmacy - MPharm (Hons)
Photography - BA (Hons)
Physical Geography - BSc (Hons)
Police Studies - FdA
Politics - BA (Hons)
Politics and Sociology - BA (Hons)
Post Compulsory Education - CertEd
Product Design and Innovation - BSc (Hons)
Property Development - BSc (Hons)
Psychology - BSc (Hons)
Public Administration - BA (Hons)
Quantity Surveying - BSc (Hons)
Radiography (Diagnostic) - BSc (Hons) 
Radiography (Therapeutic) - BSc (Hons)
Risk and Security Management - BSc (Hons)
Science and Dental Therapy - Foundation Award in - BA (Hons)
Social Work - BSc (Hons)
Sociology - BSc (Hons)
Sociology and Criminology - BSc (Hons)
Sociology and Media Studies - BA (Hons)
Sociology with Psychology - BSc (Hons)
Software Engineering - BSc (Hons)
Spanish and Latin American Studies - BA (Hons)
Spanish Studies - BA (Hons))
Speech Language and Communication Science - FdSc
Sport and Exercise Science - BSc (Hons)
Sports Business Management - BSc (Hons)
Sports Development - BSc (Hons)
Television and Broadcasting - BSc (Hons)
Television and Film Production - BA (Hons)
TESOL - BA (Hons)
TESOL and Languages - BA (Hons)
Web and Game Technology - BSc (Hons)
Web Technologies - BSc (Hons)