The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer adaptive test conducted round the year at test centers throughout the world. The GMAT exam measures verbal, mathematical, reasoning and analytical writing skills. The test is designed to help graduate management programs assess the qualifications of applicants for advanced study in business and management. 
          Plan to take the GMAT exam 4 – 6 weeks before the application deadline, in case you want to retake the test. To take the exam, your first step is to register for an account.
          When you register, be sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on your passport. Bring your passport to the Test Center – it will be the required form of identification before you are allowed into the Test Center. If the names do not match, you will not be permitted to take the exam.
          The GMAT exam is administered year round at Test Centers worldwide. Available time slots at Test Centers change continuously based on capacity and ongoing registration. When you register, available times for your chosen Test Center will be displayed. Select the times convenient for your schedule.
          The fee for the GMAT is US$ 250. Some countries also impose a tax on this fee. As of now no tax is imposed on this fee in India. 
          It is advisable to prepare well for the test and then appear for it rather than using your first test as a diagnostic tool. Also note that some schools also take all your scores into account and a low score in your 'diagnostic test' may actually work against you.
The fee to reschedule your test date/ time is US$ 50.
          The fee can be paid using a credit or debit card, demand draft or money order. The amount has to be in US dollars and drafts have to payable in banks located in the US.
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