Whether School Principal is Literate?
Literate Meaning : Able to Read or Write
In Indian Context : Able to sign their name
            Comparing in the similar context in the modern 21st Century students are aware and use Computers, iPad, Tablets etc, use networking sites as facebook, chat etc, use Email sites, yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc. 
            Are the current school principal is aware of the e-media and judge the students knowledge. During a survey it was a shocking to know that school principal is not aware the difference between emailid and a website. When we were discussing with the principal I asked the question whether the school has a website. He said yes and gave an emailid of the school as abcschool@gmail.com. When I tried to explain that website and emailids are different and trying to educate him, he was not much interested in learning new things. If this is the situation of a school principal in Chennai, one of the metros of India, what can be expected from rural place of TamilNadu. This shows that Literate is term coined few decades before and new word needs to be coined as e-Literate just to differentiate a level. 
Question may arise 
1) Why a Principal should be aware of electronic media whether it is not enough if he reads text books.
             Ans : For becoming a principal the academic education qualification is enough, but to be a good principal and understand the student community, he should be aware of the student mind set.
2) Principal can update his knowledge by reading books and magazines. Material available in e-media is available as books. Why to give importance to e-media? 
             Ans : Accepted. Content available in e-media is available in the form of books and magazines. But to know a small information one has to reach a book store search for a book, buy the book and reach home and read it. If the Principal is aware how to browse for information in the net then he will get abundance of knowledge at free of cost. More over more material is available in internet than as books and magazines. 
3) In schools, to teach computer science separate teachers are there and they will do a good job. Principal will take care of overall administration. In case any info to be fetched from computer then Principal can take assistance from computer teacher or lab assistant.
             Ans : Yes one can take help from anyone to some extent. If the Principal cannot work independently, and need to run after computer lab assistants to get some info from computer then there is big question mark, how he will be an able administrator. 
BearCat Bob