Engineering College Admission – Student / Parent Judgemental factors and an Analysis
          In TamilNadu, Southern state of India there are more than 50 Universities (list of Universities) and 500 Engineering colleges. It is a dream and life time ambition for most of the parents to make their child an Engineer.  Each parent strive hard to secure an Engineering seat for their child after completing Higher Secondary.   Among the 50 Universities Anna University alone comprises of 500 Eng Colleges and considered as the first choice Universitywise for the majority of candidates.  Each parent / student tries to select a best college for their marks scored (Aggregate of Maths, Physics, Chemistry) in Higher Secondary.
Factors Influencing selection of College
1.       Placement Record
2.       Infrastructure
3.       Hostel Facility
4.       Transport Facility
5.       Faculty
6.       Good Knowledge
7.       Best Work Practices
8.       Individuality
9.       Skill Development
10.     Creative Thinking
          Out of the above factors only the first five are considered as most important or even thought about by students / parents.   Last five are not even considered nowadays.   As a parent you may argue with me saying if the results (placements)  are good then it means the process is good and college is good. Let us discuss about this in detail.
          Point 1.  If you see the above 10 points first 5 points are related to the college and what a college possess and NOT related to the student and what he will possess when he leaves the institution. What a student  will become should be given more importance.  Have you seen any college advertisement giving details of how many scholars/ intellectuals they have developed or at the least individuals they have developed. Have you seen any ad which proudly says about giving a name of a student  and his achievements?  You will never see that kind of ad because they do not work towards that.
          Point 2. Placement Record
          Parent : As a parent I am interested only in placement record. None other than that.  I am from middle class and my son/daughter  getting a job is more important.  
          Parents are suggested to check details related to the placement record of college. Most of the colleges claim number of students as placed may not be true.   Let me give an example, An IT Corporate runs an Engineering Institution, but the Company recruits hardly 5 candidates in a year from its own institution. Any logical thoughtful person will notice this glaring contrast.  Question arises like, whether it is not sure of its quality and why it should recruit from other campuses rather than its own.   It is like an hotelier having dinner in another hotel.  
          Moreover whatever they show as companies that recruit candidates, are not core companies like BHEL, HAL, TAFE, Eicher, TATA Motors, ABB  etc.  Either they are IT companies or BPO centers.  Most of the IT Companies give Campus offers and out that how many are honored will be a question.
          Point 3. Hostel Facility
          Food and accommodation is provided and most of the colleges provide better facilities and this need not be selection criteria. Colleges are for education and it should not be compared as Hotel.  In contrast most of the colleges provide very good food and it causes obesity among the students.  It is better to check whether they have any proper diet controlled food rather than rich diet or varieties of food. In fact very good food causes serious health issues rather than any good to health.
          Point 4. Transportation Facility
          It is an era where colleges are on the outskirts of the city and atleast 15 – 60 kms away from the city.  If the students have to depend on Public transport the college will have hardly 50% attendance due to bus scarcity and students unable to catch public transport during peak hours. So colleges provide bus and this is anyway charged to the students only.  So it is PAY and USE  facility and colleges have to provide transport if the college is on the outskirts.
          Point 5. Faculty
          Most of the colleges offer ME/MTech courses to the students who pass out of their own college as Graduates.  This is like getting double credit one for providing placement and another they fill Master Degree course seats.  Many colleges take hold of degree and other certificates from the Faculty and in case they wish to leave in the middle of the year it is not possible for them.  Salary is low compared with other sectors.  Freedom is less since most of the institutions are family managed and all decisions are taken at top and not even suggestions travel up the chain.  With all these factors  posing as a real threat to the intelligentsia trying to take teaching as a career path.  Percentage of faculty with passion to teach is very small.
BearCat Bob